About us

Totangle allows you to connect your private cloud to the IOTA tangle. Our standard interfaces are: email notifications, HTTP post (API), DynamoDB, Google Sheets, and 1000+ cloud-based apps via Zapier. The most common usage is to receive an email notification whenever a new IOTA payment is received. Another usage is to permanently store transactions received on an IOTA address in private database (DynamoDB or by adding rows to a Google Sheet). It's also possible to send data transactions to the tangle using an HTTP post or by adding a row to a Google Sheet. With Totangle it's very easy to create a working prototype for any tangle-based app without the hassle of setting up and maintaining a full node and learning the IOTA's API.

Totangle is developed and maintained by Xtreeme Sagl. We are a Swiss company founded in 1997 and since then we have been continously creating high quality software and web services used, amongst others, by organizations such as the NASA, European Commission, ESA, US military, IBM, Intel, Microsoft.

Totangle is one of our latest projects started in 2018.

Xtreeme Sagl
Via Cantonale
CH-6633 Lavertezzo
Swiss company identification number: CH-670.4.001.381-2
Date of entry into the Swiss registry: 28.10.1997
Company is registered in the canton of Ticino, CEO Rafael Zwiegincew
  Swiss made software