FAQ Q102: What are triggers, actions and transactions and rules?

A transaction is an interactions between the IOTA tangle and a cloud app performed by Totangle.

Transactions are performed automatically for active rules configured by you. You can activate and deactivate rules at any time. A rule is composed of a trigger (triggering event), optional trigger filters, action and field mapping.

A trigger is the event which initiates a Totangle transaction. It is either a transaction on the IOTA tangle sent to given IOTA address, or it can be an event which occurs in your cloud (such as a server-to-server call, a new row in a Google Sheets spreadsheet or an event sent from one of hundreds of apps via Zapier).

Trigger filters are optional and allow you to block some triggers while letting others go through. The filters can depend on any field sent in the trigger (e.g. IOTA amount greater than X, text present in an IOTA transaction message etc.)

An action is what Totangle will perform based on the matching trigger. For example, if the trigger is defined as an IOTA transaction, the action can be an email message sent to your address or a new row added to your Amazon DynamoDB database, or a new row added to your Google Sheets spreadsheet, or any other action performed on one of hundreds of cloud apps via Zapier.

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