FAQ Q103: How to use Totangle to receive an email notification whenever I receive a payment to my IOTA account?

In this tutorial it's assumed you've already created a Totangle account (any account type will work fine, including Totangle FREE).

In the blue menu on the left, go to Rules and add a new rule. Choose IOTA Tangle as the trigger.

In the trigger configuration, enter your IOTA address.

Remember that IOTA, unlike other cryptocurrencies, requires that you generate a new address whenever you send a payment from given address.

Choose Value transaction as the transaction type. Value transactions are transactions which transfer iotas (value). Click Submit to continue the rule configuration.

Skip the second step (trigger filters) if you want to receive a notification for all payments. In the third step, choose Send email.

In the action configuration, simply click Submit (if it's ok for you to use Totangle's mail servers to send the messages to you).

In the last step, specify the subject of the email message (note that the email will be always sent to your email address specified in the account settings). In the email body field you can design your email contents. You should also include some of the tags listed. The tags you need to use come from the trigger and represent the iota amount: tag $(iota_amount) and the message from the sender: $(message)

The last thing you must do is activate the new rule in the rule list. You can deactivate the rule at any time to stop the emails from being sent out.

This is all that is needed. Totangle will now send you email messages whenever your account receives iotas. Go to the Transaction log (in the blue menu on the left) to see the log of all transactions including all transaction details, success or error status, tangle transaction hash and more.
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