Your interface to the IOTA tangle

Get an email notification when you receive funds to your IOTA wallet

Set up an easy rule which will alert you by email whenever you receive a payment to your IOTA address. Set up a zapier bridge in order to receive SMS messages instead.

Permanently store your tangle data on your cloud

Tangle snapshots are performed periodically. Every few months all data transactions are deleted from the tangle. Create your own permanode-like solution by storing your important data in your own database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS DynamoDB, MongoDB or Google Cloud Firestore) or in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Send data transactions from your cloud to the tangle

Set up a rule which will broadcast a 0i transaction from your cloud to the IOTA tangle. This can be triggered by e.g. adding a new Google Sheets row or making an HTTP(S) call.

Store digital signature of your documents on the tangle

Totangle can sign/timestamp a document or text, store the signature on the tangle and issue a certificate of valid signature which you can share with anyone

Store digital fingerprint of your documents on the tangle

Publish a hash (digital fingerprint) of your photos, digital art, other documents on the tangle

Easy integration with 1000+ cloud-based apps

Create a 2-way bridge between the tangle and your cloud-based app. Use our direct integrations or connect to 1000+ cloud-based apps via our Zapier integration.

See all integrations
See all integrations

Easily create a minimum viable product (MVP)

Totangle is a great way to quickly create a working prototype for almost any tangle-based project. Make a single HTTP POST to send a JSON or raw data transaction to the tangle and receive a webhook when a transaction is received to your address.

Flexible - Totangle works with any data format

Totangle will let you map the trigger fields to the action fields in a very flexible way. We don't require a fixed set of fields (predetermined format) for any of our integrations. You can also define filters to determine which triggers will be blocked.

Forget about maintenance/technical issues

We operate our own tangle nodes and take care of the maintenance/technical issues. You should be able to interact with the amazing IOTA tangle DLT without having to worry about such problems.

Trusted by thousands of customers since 1997

Our Swiss-based company, Xtreeme Sagl, has over 20 years of experience in developing high-quality products.

Masked Authentication Messaging (MAM)

Create a MAM channel and send data to the channel from a Google Sheets spreadsheet or via an HTTP call. You can also read from a channel and send this data to a database (MySQL / PostgreSQL / DynamoDB / MongoDB / Firestore), a spreadsheet or a script on your server.

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